A soothing baby who sleeps, and a mother more Zen!

Aude came to my rescue a few days before my return to Los Angeles. I live in the United States with my husband and our 17 month old daughter. She is used to flying, but this age is difficult and it did not miss, the flight to Los Angeles – Paris was a hell, an excited baby who did not want to sleep. In order not to relive the same drama on my return, Aude gave me a magic recipe to allow me to calm my daughter and be more Zen myself. All the ingredients were easy to find and I was able to mix using a vegetable oil (sweet almond). The day I applied this mixture on the chest and feet of my baby, and myself. The scent was very pleasant, and my daughter slept very well half of the flight. A very big help! I still use today the roll on that I made for jet lag! Thank you Aude.

Mathilde and Chatlotte

17 month

Transformation and Mourning

Aude thank you for the softness and strength of your art. I would like to testify here about what you brought to my family. The death of my mother was very difficult for me. I was supported and accompanied by the beautiful jewel that you sent me. As you suggested, I applied on the pendant the custom oil mixture “Transformation and Mourning”. Its scent has become a powerful anchor for easing sorrow, and connecting to the Sacred in my life. I appreciate all that it brings me by its beauty, its perfume and its energy. Mixes that affect us all … possible changes for all of us! A few months after the death of my mother, taken by the mourning, I had completely forgotten the bottle of mixture “Joy and confidence in the life”. What was my surprise to find him at my parents’ in the closet of the kitchen …. Half empty! And my father to say to me “Ah but it’s me who uses it, it helps me a lot”! In his life, my father had never given credit to homeopathy or Bach’s Flowers (he is anesthetist resuscitator) … I discover that the miracles of change are possible, even at age 73. Thank you Aude for this magic full of love and wisdom that you offer with your art ….



Anne's daughter and mom in the making

A less stressful start to the school year, and the disappearance of signs of nervousness at school

The return of Hugo went well, Cm2, I find it cooler than at certain times last year. No physical tocs since the autumn, a little tired with the arrival of autumn but no signs of nervousness. Hugo loves the smell of this potion, he claims more complete massages so I mix a few drops of massage oil and I can massage his whole body. It really relaxes him, he would fall asleep almost … and he sleeps very well after dark. Thank you Aude!

Magali and Hugo

Joy and confidence in life

The personalized blend of “Joy and Confidence in Life” that you gave to my mom during the most difficult times of her chemotherapy worked wonders for me.   When I was watching her in her last days, I found that bottle you had given her a few months before. My mother had since become cut off from reality, agitated and in a very painful state of anguish for her. I used a few drops in a little water and also applied on his forehead. And I had the joy and the surprise of seeing her get back in touch with reality and calm down. Emotion and gratitude for this gift.


Lara's mom

Peaceful and complete nights … despite the teeth and a move to the other end of the world! It was in a group of expatriate women that I met Aude. I told him my fears about my next trip with my husband and our 8-month-old baby. His first flight, his first trip, and it was a Paris-Reunion, 11:00 of direct flight. It was not about going on vacation but moving so not too much choice on the destination, it was necessary that the baby live well. And mom too! Before the departure, the teeth were about to go out and my daughter was not doing her nights for several weeks, with unexplained awakenings. I was anxious that she cried during the whole flight, that I could not put her to sleep and that all the passengers glared at us. Aude advised me on a mixture of essential oils to apply on the feet and the baby’s belly so that it is peaceful during the trip. So I started 3 days before departure and at each bedtime, I applied the famous potion. From the moment she lay down in the basket provided by the airline, my daughter slept nonstop until arrival. No crying, no wake up despite the many turbulence. It’s simple: she has the best sleep on the plane! Just three days after arriving there, the teeth are out and baby has been sleeping since. So thank you so much Aude for his precious help and for the relief of having passed this stage with a disconcerting ease! I recommend her skills in “magic potions” to all those who have children, who must often be relieved despite themselves.
Caroline 33 years old and her 8 month old daughter

the Reunion Island