My story

Hello families from all over the world!
My name is Dr. Aude Monson, Botanical Alchemist, French Pharmacist (Doctorate), essential oil compounder and essence maker with certifications in Aromatherapy and Flower Essences.

To my clients, friends and family, I am known as the magician of emotional transformation.

I am an artisan of custom blends in which I bottle the magic and energy of plants to relieve emotional pain and support the healing process.

Born in Provence, I was raised roaming the French Alps. Among lavender fields and Alpine meadows,
grassroots healing knowledge was passed on to me by my grandmothers and it was reinforced through
extensive botanical training during the pursuit of my PhD. Plants became powerful allies to my journey
over time.
I have been residing in the desert of Arizona since 2015, where I am gathering and reuniting the ancient
wisdom of both the European and American continents.
A major trauma generated a shift in my practice: I had to learn how to break free from toxic emotional
patterns myself, and to bring balance within shaken family dynamics. Through holistic and alternative
solutions, we were able to gain back family connection, and create healthier, stronger relationships.
Thanks to essential oils and essences, I now feel more comfortable in my body and safer on this planet.
I’m now aware that there is a higher level to aspire to, and that we have the power to express beauty
and magic, here and now. I’m the living proof that Nature is alive and supportive, and alchemy happens!
Through this dramatic experience, I’ve also learned that we are the creator of our own health and that
disease or trauma are meant to help us grow in our spiritual journey. We can transcend times of
darkness into times of celebration.
Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by how we make meaning of our emotions, and I have a passion for the
various holistic ways to support this rebirth to a better version of ourselves.
My goal today is to share this transformational experience with you through the power and
opportunities to heal that plants provide.